Weight Loss Eureka!

You have just found an easy way to lose weight with your own food expert.

Get energized to start today with all the motivation to stay on track along the way.

Food Expert Weight Loss

Dietitian advantages:

  • Professional Support

  • The Right Goals

  • Expert Information

  • Food Industry Secrets

  • Meal Planning

  • Professional Support

    Gain an instant support system for weight loss success. In or out of session, you can always reach out for expert suggestions by phone or email to discuss recipe ideas or quick tips between your in-person visits.

    Weekly sessions are casual and supportive helping you set realistic goals, stay on track and most importantly, celebrating your successs along the way!

  • The Right Goals

    You've already tried the countless "do-it-yourself" weight loss plans already, learn to set your food goals like an expert.

    Work together to create a unique customized weight loss plan based on your biology, medical conditions, taste preferences and eating habits.

    Enjoy informal and fun discussions about food habits and learn what works for you through the eyes of an experienced registered dietitian.

  • Expert Information

    Let an expert worry about the nutrition details while you focus on the decision to change.

    Stop nutrition label overload before it starts! Your expert will provide quality sources of information, tools and techniques to take the frustration out of weight loss from the very first visit.

  • Food Industry Secrets

    Families today are bombarded with tv advertisements, food marketing claims and magazine article weight loss myths.

    To eat smart you need to shop like an expert. Choose the foods which are right for your family with a few simple food label techniques.

    Great foods and the best areas of the grocery store are easy to find with an expert at your side!

  • Meal Planning

    Learn the art of daily balanced eating with all the foods you love. Great eating should be centered around your lifestyle not the latest fad diet or juicing routine.

    Gain the skills to create meal plans with delicious variety and easily plan your daily and weekly meals like an expert.

    Create a lifelong new approach to your eating!

Weekly Weight Loss Sessions

Every week you will see improvement while reaching your weight loss goals.

The BEST Hour You Will Experience Focused on Food

See yourself through the eyes of an expert. During the Get Started session you gain an enlightening new perspective on your eating patterns. Feel those "ah hah" moments the very first hour.

Discover what really motivates your food habits, eating history and attitudes toward food.

Feel more confident and hopeful after the first session that you know your biology, eating patterns and are hopeful to take the next step. A positive beginning focused on your success!


Make the Choice To Lose Weight

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Included In This Session:

  • Nutrition Profile

    The most valuable asset you can give yourself, a true profile of your eating patterns through the eyes of a professional.

  • Goals

    Set the goals which make sense for your biology and will make you happy long term. Truly get SERIOUS about medically sound food goals.

  • Eating patterns

    Recognize the good and bad food patterns you are already making. Learn about small changes in eating and shopping to make a life-long change.

  • Food Categories

    All foods and meals can be quickly categorized into weight gain / neutral / weight loss. Learn how the first session.

  • Amazing Information

    Insider tips on the best information and electronic tools to quickly master the art of good eating.

  • The BIG Picture

    Get a preview how you will improve each week, an overview of upcoming weeks.

Buying food can be much much easier

Step into your local grocery store with an expert at your side. Your tour guide through grocery store aisles filled with endless brands and nutrient labels.

Its time to apply your newly learned food techniques in the aisles of the grocery store. Shop with confidence while easily choosing amongst thousands of brands.

Buy easy to prepare meals and convenient snacks which help to eliminate cravings.

Your expert will provide helpful shopping tips, tools to resist temptation and avoiding impulse buying.


Food Shopping Made Easy

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Included In This Session:

  • Your Store With Your Expert

    Choose any local grocery store in the local Seattle / Bellevue area and your food expert will drive to meet you there on location.

  • Customized Shopping List

    An entire week of delicious foods planned just for you. Re-discover a healthy week of food right in your own grocery store!

  • Food Label Power

    If reading food labels is confusing or just plain painful you need a smarter approach. Train yourself to look at the only three facts that matter on every label.

  • Shop With Purpose

    Walk directly toward new food options in every aisle, find healthy brands with ease and shop with purpose avoiding aisle to aisle meandering.

  • 15 Minute Meals

    Eating for weight loss should also be convenient. Learn to find quick nutritious meals which fill your week with healthy options at home instead of picking up "to go" food when time is limited.

  • Quick Snacks

    Combine light snack foods like a pro. Prevent mindless snacking on junk food by stocking up on tasty snack foods at home.

Every Meal is a Decision to Gain or Lose Weight

Learn to balance meal nutrients for optimum weight loss without sacrificing taste. Combine foods in new ways which can turn high fat or high carb meals into healthy meals again.

Simple guidelines are discussed to help you balance the protein, carbs and fat in each meal. Feel confident the food you eat is helping you lose weight.

Meal balance will work for you at home, at a restaurant or at the office.


Always Know What To Eat

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Included In This Session:

  • Healthy Meals De-mysitfied

    Never again wonder what is healthy to eat. Gain valuable insights into food nutrients in a simple and easy to understand way.

  • Theory Into Reality

    Take your new food knowledge and apply it in the real world by designing healthy weight loss meals for every time of day and situation.

  • Example Recipies

    Meal balance example recipes are provided for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner to help you practice designing your own custom meals.

  • Food Lab

    Work with your expert to design balanced meals using our customized laboratory worksheets.

  • Dining Out & Travel

    Never leave home without this strategy to keep every remote meal focused on weight loss.

Love Food Again, Plan for It

No time to make meals? Hungry during the work day? Cravings at home? You need a weekly meal plan.

Learn lasting techniques to plan for and purchase a week of meals and snacks for your family. Stock those 15 minute meals and quick dash snacks at home and work.

Take a new approach on your food day by planning for productivity in the morning, high protein lunches, pushing through the 3pm slump and easy four ingredient dinners on workdays.

Plan your food days and weeks to match your lifestyle. Create your weight loss weekly plan which can work with any busy schedule.


Success Every Week

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Included In This Session:

  • Fit Weight Loss Into Your Busy Life

    Discover why most weight loss plans fail once the will power fades. Work with your expert to plan weight loss around your life so it becomes a successful routine every week.

  • Your Food Day

    Increase awareness of your daily food patterns, see your food day in the eyes of a professional. Customize “quick dash” breakfasts for energy, make powerful productive lunches, avoid your mid-day fatigue and find what works for you at dinner with evening snacks.

  • Planning A Full Week

    Sometimes its overwhelming to plan a full week of weight loss food and, in reality, no one has the forethought to know what they want to eat every meal of the week. Your expert will show you how to buy staple foods and to combine what you love to eat so your meals are easy to purchase and always satisfying.

  • Stocking Up

    Working converstion to create a list of your top healthy staple foods to always have on hand. Having great options available at home and work always provides an option no matter what the situation.

  • Workshop

    Using your customized day and weekly worksheets, practice preparing for a week of weight loss meals which never deprive you of the foods you crave.

Congratulate Yourself, You Have the Tools to Succeed for Life!

You've come a long way from our first session and truly know what it means to be a food expert.

Our program finishes with you understanding your own biology better, feeling less confused about what healthy food is for you, shopping confidently for any type of food, building yourself a healthy meal any time of day and planning ahead for an entire week of successful weight loss meals!

We disucss updating your long term goals, meal variety, adding physical activity and stress management as a way to begin the next chapter of your journey.


Become Your Own Food Expert

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Included In This Session:

  • You Are The Expert!

    Congratulations, we take a moment to enjoy your empowering new food skill success. You now have your own expert knowledge and tools to take control of food choices every day.

  • Goals Update

    Take another look at your progress and fine tune your goals. Every person has unique challenges and we will adapt your goals for long term success.

  • Food Variety

    Refresh your meal plans to add variety and to break through weight plateaus. Your new skills to combine healthy foods enables you to eat an endless variety of weight loss meals.

  • Physical Activity

    Notice how just a little activity can make your weight loss more effective. We discuss popular activity tools such as Fitbit and other friendly ways to get you moving.

  • Stress

    Stress can affect your biology and make losing weight even harder. Gain a better understanding of three key techniques which may relieve feelings that can complicate your weight loss struggle.