Performance Nutrition

Get the Expert Advantage For Your Sport

The right fuels, combined into perfectly timed meals with a dose of recovery in times of injury.

Food Coaching = Performance Advantage

Three part nutrition approach to help you fuel for performance, plan meals in-season or off-season and to recover quickly.

Your food is slowing you down!

Get behind the curtain on performance foods and supplements.

Talk about what makes your sport tick. Do you need more speed, power or endurance? Set your sport focus. Take the guessing out of food science, pay for quality nutrients instead of costly powders and promises.

PRO Tips: Find out what the PROs use and why. Get the medical edge professionals use to reach higher goals.


Fuel My Performance

What You Eat and When You Eat Is Critical: Before, During and After The Event

Have you reached a plateau? Another energy bar is not the answer, learn to combine great tasting foods at the right moments to break through.

Plan power meals with your goals in mind while you discover meal timing and optimum hydration in-season and off-season.

Focus on key power meal elements such as: hydration, fueling for lasting energy, avoiding bonking or brick walls and fast muscle repair.


Break Through My Plateau

Fast Healing Without Weight Gain

Every sport involves injuries. Make the most of your recovery time by increasing your nutrient rich healing power. Your diet should change drastically when suddenly stopping high activity into injury activity levels.

Your food expert will help create a custom eating plan which will aim to lessen inflamation, maintain muscle mass, stabilize blood chemistry and increase available healing nutrients.

Learn to find foods high in recovery ingredients nutrients which are convenient to buy and taste great!


Heal Me Fast With Great Food