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Tell me more. What is a food expert?

Meet Chelsey, your registered dietitian.

An expert is a person who is medically trained with the latest industry knowledge, has years of practical experience with thousands of clients and most importantly can relate to their clients because they've been there before too.

Weight Loss

You never knew how easy weight loss could be in the hands of a nutrition professional!

Stay focused on the motivation to change and let your food expert worry about the nutritional details which are right for your biology. There are infinite diets and fads available but which ones are medically sound and suited to your lifestyle?

Work with a dietitian to create customized weekly meal plans filled with the foods you love to eat. And, for a life long change, tour your local grocery store to discover how simple it can be to buy a week of healthy meals.

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Sports Performance

Fuel up to reach your next personal best!

Spend more time training and less time guessing when to eat and what to eat. Expert advice can take you further with fitness goals by planning your meals, creating game day eating schedules and providing nutrition guidance to recover quickly.

Stuck in a plateau? Confused about the thousands of energy options out there? Get behind the marketing claims to understand what your body needs and when.

Find out why you are so tired and feel fatigued during in-season. How many grams of protein and carbs, in the right combination, at the right times of day can make a world of difference!

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